"Succeeding in business is all about making connections." - Richard Branson

Redefining Investor Relationships

Bercomm Group ("BG") offers fully customized strategies, implementation plans and execution services for all our clients' investor relations needs. With our A-Z model, BG works with each of our clients to develop, refine and execute IR and business development efforts, aligning you with the right  capital and partners and positioning our clients for growth. BG will bolt on at any stage of your IR and marketing needs to bring your goals to fruition.  Bercomm engages as an extension of our clients, essentially serving as internal IR or marketing strategists and we can oversee the full suite of responsibilities or discreet assignments. 

Business Opportunities


Investor Relations

Are you trying to grow your business through fundraising? We will work with you to identify your fundraising needs, ideal sources of funding and timeline. Then, we will work on your behalf to secure the capital, so you can focus on growing your business from the inside out.


Business Development

We understand that growing a company goes well beyond raising capital. We will work to guide you on your positioning, sales and marketing. BG will partner with you to develop and execute a smart growth plan. We will advise you every step of the way and help you craft the story that works most effectively for your audiences. When our clients succeed, we consider ourselves successful.

Additional Services

In addition to Bercomm Group’s key expertise in Investor Relations and Business Development, Bercomm Group offers a concierge approach for all of our clients, managing and utilizing its specialist alliance network for discrete assignments including public relations and media/speaking placements, risk management solutions, event planning and communications. 

Bercomm is headquartered in New York with offices in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. 

Our Team

Jordan Robinson

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Christine Gabbianelli


Marc Kasher


Partner - Private Equity



Gail Guerin


Operating Partner 

Private Capital Funds


Majid Hassan


Operating Partner 

Global Marketing


Our Story


Our Origin

After over 15 years of leading investor relations and capital raising at global firms, our Founder started to notice the white space in the fundraising market - there was a gap where companies with great ideas and capital needs had no exposure to the investors with capital seeking those quality opportunities. Our founder reflected on the mantra of his Grandfather Berkowitz who emphasized the importance of relationships, facilitating connections and speaking out when one could help. And so Bercomm Group was formed.


Our Culture

Bercomm Group was formed on an inherent belief that helping and giving begets great things. By facilitating successes for others, Bercomm Group fulfills its own goal of leveraging clients to new heights. Our team believes that a combination of understanding, inclusiveness, collaboration and dedicated sincere effort yield amazing results. Our team of experienced professionals welcomes all IR needs, big and small. We are avid supporters of diversity and our client mix reflects our commitment that everyone with a dream should have the opportunity to achieve it.

Our Clients


Bercomm Group works with companies and funds on the full spectrum of needs from venture to buy-out. We help start-up companies connect with family offices and other angel investors. We assist early stage clients prepare for and secure VC funding with both equity and convertible debt. Bercomm Group works with private capital funds, spin-outs and emerging managers and with their IR programs. Our fundraising goals can range from a few million to tens of millions. We have the experience and agility to cover a wide range of industry. Examples include clients in clean energy, distressed debt, SaaS, education and virtual reality.

Contact Us

New York, NY

401 Park Avenue South, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016

(646) 306-6349

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Washington, DC

1050 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20035

(202) 810-6710

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